Be a Better Service Leader: Emotional Intelligence in Action

This is a Service-learning course.


Apart from being able to plan strategies and having clear visions and goals, a good service leader also needs to display good emotional intelligence and relationship skills. These skills can help students to work well with others and build strong and supportive teams. To become successful service leaders in helping positions or leadership roles in the community, our students will need to possess the ability to understand themselves and others, to inspire and build strong relationships, and to respond effectively to the situations so as to promote a good sense of mental wellbeing.


This course brings together two significant components of service leadership and emotional intelligence through the joint expertise of the Social Work Department and Counselling and Development Centre, Student Affairs Office. It will start by equipping students with essential theories and concepts about service leadership and emotional intelligence on the intra and interpersonal levels. Students will be given laboratory training in small groups so that they can practice and master EI skills. Students will also be encouraged to integrate learned theories and skills, and to find connections to their major disciplines of study. In collaboration with local NGOs, students will team up in small groups and apply their knowledge and skills of service leadership and emotional intelligence to real life situations. Students will design and run innovative programs and activities for service users in the community. The direct contact between students and service users will provide opportunities for mutual learning and personal growth. The students can learn to integrate, consolidate and reflect on the knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom. Through serving others, students can build their service leadership skills, which can prepare them to be a better leader in the future. Service users can also learn to manage their emotions, develop better relationships with their significant others and promote better mental health.


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