Service Leadership in Action (Health Services)

This is a Service Leadership Education course.


With an aging population in Hong Kong the number of elderly is rising rapidly, and causes a significant demand on government expenses and social welfare concern. Service gap in which the service in place does not meet the demand or satisfaction of the people in need is attracting increasing concern in our society. There are elderly who need to look after themselves or elderly couples looking after each other without any support from family or relatives. Also many of them may suffer from different diseases that affect their mobility and quality of life. With long waiting queues to caring home many elderly could only rely on limited offers from NGOs to provide the necessary care such as daily meal delivery service, or the scarce community nursing care from the government.


The course seeks to promote empathy when serving these elderly in need, in particular leadership skills which include active listening (by ear), observation (by eye), caring for team and others (by mouth) and task planning and team work (by hand). Through the visitations and in-depth understanding of the condition and needs of the elderly, students need to discern the needs of the elderly they served and what the elderly hope to improve. By working together as a team and utilizing knowledge from their disciplines, they have to develop plans to promote or improve the quality of life of the elderly. It is envisaged through this course, the key elements in service leadership namely character, care (empathy) and competence (knowledge utilization) would be developed in our students.


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