Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services

This is a Service Leadership Education course.


Hong Kong is heavily geared towards service as 93% of GDP comes from the service sector and around 90% of the population is involved in direct and indirect services. In the service sector, servers meet the customers, and the quality of the server greatly affects the quality of the service. Service leadership is about creating new personal service propositions so as to facilitate providing high quality services consistently. Since ‘the Server is the Service’, the quality of the server in providing high quality caring service is emphasized in this course. Through a review of the different care services such as those provided by Christian Care Services in Hong Kong and an insight into the ethos behind such services, the different elements of service and leadership competencies including knowledge, skills, values, communication and attitudes will be introduced. In summary, the quality of a service leader depends on three key elements, namely competence, character and care. To put knowledge into practice, students will be given opportunities to serve the elderly from different community centres in two direct services (one on health and the other on care). Through the interactions with these elderly the students need to learn how to communicate with the elderly and care for them. There will also be opportunity for our students to discern the needs and problems of these elderly. By working together as a team and utilizing knowledge from their disciplines, students need to demonstrate empathy and care to the elderly (character and care of a service leader), and if possible provide practical approaches to solve or ameliorate their problems (competence).


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