Global China in the Modern Age

The period between the early-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries witnessed the emergence of a “global” China that interacted and was integrated with the world on an unprecedented scale and depth. This course seeks to introduce students to the global processes, practices and communities that shaped modern China and the world, with much attention paid to their implications in the present day. It tries to explain the complexity of globalization between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries and its impact on modern China and, in turn, the ways in which China shaped the modern world. By engaging in discussion of seven interwoven themes, including communication, commodities, communities, food, practices, religion, knowledge, aesthetics, conflict and the international order, this course aims to enhance students’ understanding of the interconnectivity of the world. It also highlights the importance of taking a transnational and multi-disciplinary approach when studying history by expanding the students’ scope of enquiry beyond political or national histories.


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