Understanding Dreams

This course enables students to understand both the physiological role played by dreams in the experience of human sleep, and the psychological function that dreams play in a person’s creative attempts to enhance personal growth, towards the goal of becoming a whole person in a particular cultural context. Philosophical issues relating to the so-called collective unconscious – i.e. the grounding of cultural norms and practices in the human psyche—will also be explored, in order to empower the students to identify and assess traces of such cultural presuppositions in their own dreams.


This course is interdisciplinary that emphasizes on physiological, psychological and philosophical modes of understanding, will be complemented by a concluding emphasis on religion as offering a “dream” of wholeness: various religious beliefs and practices, functioning as an influential manifestation of a particular culture, impact people within that culture, by either promoting or obstructing a person’s creative efforts to experience personal growth in an informed and thoughtfully articulated way.


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