The Synergy of Chinese Arts and Literature as Self-Expression

Chinese painting and calligraphy are unique forms of art that integrate artistic elements in the images/Chinese characters and their literary content. Hence, enchanting paintings or calligraphic works are essentially derived from a good command of artistic and literary talents. The course introduces ways to appreciate Chinese arts including painting or calligraphy from traditional Chinese culture to contemporary world in terms of the concept of creativity via the history and social functions of Chinese painting and calligraphy, the integration between Chinese arts and other art forms such as performance art, dance and installation, and representations of Chinese art in contemporary life such as ubiquitous shop signage, neon signage, couplets, plaques and painting embedded in historic buildings or lift lobby of modern buildings, and artworks and calligraphic signage at MTR station. Meanwhile, the synergy between visual arts, literature and notion of self-expression will be examined through observations and analysis of examples of artworks by major painters and calligraphers. This will be followed by a study of techniques in masterpieces by major painter or calligraphers.


Students will be guided to develop their own painting or calligraphic skills and creative strategies of expressing their own personal ideas through making paintings or calligraphic works, allowing them to practice painting or calligraphy as self-cultivation and part of a healthy lifestyle.


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