Adventures, Treasures, and Archaeology in China

This course adopts inter-disciplinary approaches to introduce students to significant issues concerning the history of adventures and treasure-seeking and recent development of archaeology in China. The course first explores the values and purposes of conducting adventures by asking why people would dare to take risks. By situating the Chinese history of adventures in a global context, we will find out how adventurers, archaeologists, and art historians discovered numerous artifacts. Treasure-seeking is accompanied by violence, war, and criminal activities. These discoveries of treasures, however, have drastically changed the way how we study ancient Chinese history. Students will also learn how archaeologists approach excavated objects and their archaeological contexts. Course materials also include the use of Art Information Modelling (AIM) like 3D modelling and online videos to show how scholars study ancient China with the assistance of modern technology. Case study analysis, scenario imagination, and group presentations will require students to think like archaeologists to plan for excavations. Students will be exposed to a variety of cross-disciplinary materials and they are required to manipulate and utilize these skills in classes.


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