Best Practices for Developing Innovative GE Courses

21 September 2010 (Tuesday)
12:00 nn – 2:00 pm
(light lunch from 12:00-12:30pm)

Venue: NAB109, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus


In this workshop, the Fulbright Team will present some best practices for designing GE courses, with special focus on path to knowledge; principles of course design for GE; developing creative/inter-disciplinary “cross-listable” courses that meet the GE Programme goals at HKBU. Faculty will have the opportunity to work together with people outside their discipline to generate “interdisciplinary outcomes & assignments in the workshop and report back on best practices we can all use in course development. Our goal for the workshop will be to generate ideas to assist colleagues in moving forward to develop proposals for our 3rd and final round of Call of GE Course Proposals.

Speakers Biography

Professor Dayle Smith

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
Hong Kong Baptist University

Professor of Management
Former Chair of GE Curriculum Committee
University of San Francisco

Professor David Jaffee

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
City University of Hong Kong

Assistant Vice President, College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Sociology, University of North Florida


Professor David Skidmore

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
University of Hong Kong

Professor and Chair of Politics and International Relations
Drake University

Professor Kay Holston Smith

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Associate Vice President for the Academic Experience
Professor of English
College of Charleston, South Carolina




Professor Robert Gurvall

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Faculty Chair of  GE Governance Committee
Associate Professor of Classics
University of California, Los Angeles