Meeting the challenge of GE: Coaching Student Writing and Managing the Instructor Workload

27 April 2010 (Tuesday) 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
(Light lunch from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m.)

Venue: DLB 702, 7/F, David C Lam Bldg, Shaw Campus


As HKBU moves toward more intensive writing requirements, somequestions arise: how can we best coach our student through the writingprocess to ensure more effective learning of both content and academicdiscourse? How can we help them generate better ideas, revise andrewrite weak arguments, and edit to the greatest effect? And just asimportantly, how can we do this without burning ourselves out?

This workshop will examine this issue from the perspective of bothstudent needs and instructor peace-of-mind. The end goal will be todevelop, collectively, pedagogical practices that allow students to takeauthority for their own work and instructors to make efficient andproductive use of their time and efforts.

Speakers Biography

Dr. Joseph Chaney, Fulbright GE Scholar, Director and Associate Professor of English at Indiana University – South Bend. His BS in English literature is from Beloit College in Wisconsin, and his MA and PhD, also in English, are from UC/Irvine. Chaney was Director of General Education at the Indiana University South Bend from 2004-08.

Dr. Paul Hanstedt, Fulbright GE Scholar, Director for General Education in the Department of English of Roanoke College in Salem Virginia. He has a BA in American literature from Luther College (MN), an MA in creative writing from Iowa State U, and a PhD in Language and Literature from Ohio State U. He led the reform of the GE curriculum at Roanoke and developed a writing program for first year students involving faculty across the College.