General Education and the Sciences: Opportunities and Challenges in Science Course Development

24 March 2010 (Wednesday) 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Venue: DLB 702, 7/F, David C Lam Building, Shaw Campus


How do we make science exciting and engage students while at the same timeensuring that they learn the important principles? This workshop will bring facultytogether to identify ideas and approaches for GE science courses. Participants willjointly identify learning outcomes that might be common to all GE science coursesand discuss engaging ways in which they can be achieved.

Speakers Biography

Dr. Janel Marie Curry is Dean and Professor of Geography Geology EnvironmentalStudies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Curry received her BAfrom Bethel College and MA and PhD degrees from U of Minnesota – Twin Cities.Her work emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching, faculty development and learningassessment. At Calvin, Curry began an Enterprise Center and an EnvironmentalAssessment program.

Dr. Hedley Freake is Professor of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agricultureand Natural Resources at the University of Connecticut – Storrs. Born and educated inthe UK, Freake has and BA in Nutrition and PhD in Physiology. He has headed theGeneral Education Oversight Committee and launched a new GE program for the Uof Connecticut emphasizing global competencies for undergraduates.