Key Features of Effective General Education Programs

12 March 2009 (Thursday) 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Venue: DLB802, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus, HKBU


What are the goals of General Education? How are General Education courses related to General Education programs as well as programs in the major area of study? What characteristics define effective general education programs? This overview session will attempt to answer these and other questions by briefly tracing the historical roots of General Education and presenting “best practices” in GE found across the United States. As HKBU proceeds with the implementation of its general education program, this session is designed to stimulate thinking and discussion about program goals, pedagogy, and intentionality in the curricular design of the general education program.

This workshop is organized for Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU.


Speakers Biography

Dr. Susan Gano-Phillips

Fulbright Visiting Scholar
City University of Hong Kong

Chair of General Education Reform Committee
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Michigan – Flint

Dr Susan Gano-Phillips is Associate Professor of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Michigan – Flint. She co-chaired the General Education Reform Committee at UM-F and serves as director of the Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching. Her PhD in 1995 is from the University of Illinois – Urbana. She is hosted at the City University, where she is based in the President’s Office and works across the faculties and departments on general education courses.