Interdisciplinary Courses and GE Learning

16 October 2009 (Friday) 10 a.m. – 12 n.n.
Venue: DLB 702, 7/F, David C Lam Building, Shaw Campus


This presentation will review the various strategies for creating interdisciplinarycourses and incorporating them into a larger general education curriculum. It willaddress the building of a course syllabus around a particular question or issue thatcan be approached from two or more disciplines (i.e. “introduction to bioethics,”“individual freedom and the social contract,” “politics of art in public spaces,”“literature and society in wartime,” “cross-cultural psychology,” etc.). Topics to becovered include the challenges of incorporating material outside one’s discipline,addressing complementarity and conflict interdisciplinary study, building facultysupport for interdisciplinary courses, and strategies and institutional support forteam-taught courses.

Speakers Biography

David A. Campion, Ph.D.