Desiring University, Cultivating Humanity

12 November 2009 (Thursday) 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: DLB 702, 7/F, David C Lam Building, Shaw Campus


Is it possible to develop, starting in the very first week ofuniversity life, a student culture of sharing and mutualsolicitude, spaces for discussion, communication anddialogues, where decisions that affect life of self and otherscan be subject to processes of reversibility, self-criticism andchange? Can the future of our young be freed fromcalculation, interest and predestination–and from fear of theunfamiliar, the unknown which often freezes the mind andimmobilizes the body? These are questions that preoccupythe modern university as a social institution, questions thatimplicate all of us, young and old. We can pass them over insilence, but each student incarnates a response. If we stillbelieve in possibilities, not givens, if we still hold doggedly tothe image of the free–and new– man and woman, we cansay, unreservedly: It’s up to you.

Speakers Biography

Prof. Chan Kwok Bun
Chair Professor
Department of Sociology