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To schedule a briefing session, please contact us at ge@hkbu.edu.hk or 3411 2012 (Alice).


Criteria for Endorsement of Event Proposals

  • The events should be able to achieve at least 2 of the following goals:
    • Promote the GE philosophy and its importance
    • Enhance participants’ understanding on the teaching and learning of GE
    • Encourage participants to take GE courses
    • Enhance participants’ understanding on interdisciplinary learning
    • Help the participants achieve at least 2 GE Programme Intended Learning Outcomes:
      • Communicate effectively as speakers and writers in both English and Chinese;
      • Access and manage complex information and problems using technologically appropriate means;
      • Apply appropriate mathematical reasoning to address problems in everyday life;
      • Acquire an active and healthy lifestyle;
      • Use historical and cultural perspectives to gain insight into contemporary issues;
      • Apply various value systems to decision-making in personal, professional, and social/political situations;
      • Make connections among a variety of disciplines to gain insight into contemporary personal, professional, and community situations.
  • Higher priority will be given to the proposals whose expected impact is more far-reaching and sustainable.




  • There is no limitation on the nature of events, but professionalism and safety have to be maintained. The guidelines for student organizations activities provided by SA are all applicable to this project.
  • The activity can be held separately, or as a session/part of a bigger event.
  • Without exemptions granted, all documents should be written in English.
  • The whole process, from submitting application to evaluation, has to be carried out within 1 service year of the student organization.
  • There is no limitation on the number of proposal submitted from 1 student organization, but GEO will choose the proposals which meet the evaluation criteria better for further development. More than 1 proposal may be chosen.
  • Once a proposal is endorsed, the funding needed will be reserved. Submitting the proposal as early as possible will increase the chance of endorsement, since no new applications will be accepted once all the funding is reserved/claimed.
  • The activities will be held under the supervision of GEO if necessary.
  • GEO reserves the ultimate right to make changes to the guidelines. In case of any dispute, the decision of GEO on granting sponsorship and reimbursement shall be final and conclusive.


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  • 活動必須至少達到以下兩個目的:
    • 推廣通識教育的精神及其重要性
    • 提高同學對通識教育教與學的認識
    • 鼓勵同學修讀通識科目
    • 增進同學對跨學科科目的了解
    • 參與活動的同學必須至少達到2個通識教育課程的預期學習成果︰
      • 以英文及中文有效地書寫和溝通
      • 以適當的方式接觸和處理複雜的資料及問題
      • 應用適當的數理思維方法來解決日常的問題
      • 採納主動及健康的生活模式
      • 透過歷史和文化的角度了解當代的問題
      • 在不同的個人、專業和社會/政治狀況下應用各種的觀念系統決策
      • 連結多種學科,從而了解當代的個人、專業及社會/政治狀況
  • 預期成效較為深遠和持續的活動計劃,將有較大機會被接納。




  • 活動性質無特別限制,但必需確保活動的專業及安全性。同時,亦須遵守由學生事務處訂立的學生組織活動指引
  • 申請資助的活動可為獨立項目,又或大型活動當中的一個環節。
  • 由遞交申請直至終期評估,整個過程必須由同一個團隊負責,而所有成員必須來自同一屆的學生組織。
  • 每個學生組織可遞交超過一份計劃書,通識教育處將揀選較符合評審準則的計劃作進一步審批,獲揀選的計劃書或多於一份。
  • 計劃書一經接納,通識教育處將預留所需資助。由於資助款項有限,盡早提交計劃書將有助提高被接納的機會。當所有資助款項已被預留/領取,將不再接受新申請。
  • 如有需要,通識教育處職員會在活動進行時從旁協助及監督。
  • 通識教育處保留修改此指引的權利。如就發放資助有任何爭議,應以通識教育處的決定為準。
  • 此計劃的所有指引內容及文件均以英文版本作準。




For enquiries on GELAS, please contact us at ge@hkbu.edu.hk or 3411 2012 (Alice).