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GE Share Award Scheme

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E-portfolio 內容及網上平台

  • 你有什麼通識教育體驗?你從中學到什麼?
  • 修讀某通識科目後,你有進一步研究/探討相關知識嗎?
  • 有沒有一些通識教育體驗幫助你培養了一些喜好/習慣? (如:做運動)
  • 透過通識教育體驗,你學習到什麼技能? (如:批判性思維、解難能力、溝通技巧、演說技巧、電腦技能)
  • 有沒有一些通識教育體驗啟發了你對一些事物的興趣? (如:更留意相關主題的新聞)
  • 你的價值觀/信念曾因某通識教育體驗而轉變嗎? (如:對人生的看法)
  • 你對某通識教育體驗有什麼感覺/想法/反思?
  • 你有將通識教育體驗所學到的知識/技能應用到日常生活中嗎?
  • 你的通識教育體驗如何幫助你的個人成長/全人發展/未來的職業生涯?
  • 假如我將來能夠成為……(如:科學家/社工/旅遊家),我會……?

給 Year 1 的你~~


  1. 你修讀的通識教育科目之學習體驗。
  2. 你參加過的通識教育學生活動之體驗。
  3. 你曾參加過的社會服務體驗。
  4. 你對日常生活或社會上發生的人和事的反思,及其對你的影響。

給 Year 3、Year 4 的你~~


  1. 你的主修科之學習體驗和課外活動體驗。
  2. 你修讀的通識教育科目之學習體驗。
  3. 你所參加過的通識教育學生活動之體驗。
  4. 你曾參加過的社會服務體驗。
  5. 你對日常生活或社會上發生的人和事的反思,及其對你的影響。



你可以選擇以下其中一個或其他網上平台,來建立你的 e-portfolio:

★ Blogger 連結 教學
★ Weebly 連結 教學
★ Wix.com 連結 教學
★ WordPress 連結 教學
★ Prezi 連結 教學
★ Wikispaces 連結 教學
★ HKBU Blackboard 連結 教學
  • 版權
    你的 E-portfolio 的内容必須是原創。文字、圖像或其他非原創的內容應正確地引述出處/參考來源。
  • 保密
    部份 E-portfolio 的內容可能會被用作學術宣傳,因此千萬不要在E-portfolio透露任何個人資料(例如:地址、電話號碼)。並請確保你的 E-portfolio 於未來 2 年能繼續運作。
  • 當你建立了你的E-portfolio後,你可以考慮參加「通識教育傑出學生獎勵計劃」。遞交E-portfolio的參加者,將獲優先考慮。詳細請參閱︰http://ge.hkbu.edu.hk/students/award/
  • 通識教育處保留修改此指引的權利。如有任何爭議,以通識教育處的決定為準。

Topics & Platforms for E-portfolio

 Suggested Topics 
  • What were your GE experiences and what did you learn?
  • Did you further explore the related knowledge after studying those GE courses?
  • Did you build up any hobbies/habits after a particular GE experience? (e.g. doing exercises)
  • Did you learn any specific skills from your GE experiences? (e.g. critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, public speaking, numerical and IT skills)
  • Did you start having interest in the topics related to your GE experiences? (e.g. paying more attention to the news on related topics)
  • Did your values/beliefs change after your GE experiences? (e.g. opinion towards your life)
  • What kinds of impressions/thoughts/reflections did you have after your GE experiences?
  • How did you apply the knowledge/skills that you learnt from GE experiences into your daily life?
  • How did your GE experiences help your personal growth/whole person development/future career?
  • If I can be…… (e.g. a scientist, a social worker, a traveler) in the future, I will ……

For Year 1 students~~

As the first step of building your e-portfolio, you can start by sharing:

  1. Your learning experiences of GE courses;
  2. Your experiences of joining GE activities;
  3. Your community service experiences;
  4. Your reflections on your daily life and what happen around you.

For Year 3, Year 4 students~~

If you wish to use e-portfolio to showcase your whole person development to your potential employers, you can illustrate more on:

  1. The learning experiences of your major study and extra-curricular activities;
  2. Your learning experiences of GE courses;
  3. Your experiences of joining GE activities;
  4. Your community service experiences;
  5. Your reflections on your daily life.

You can browse the e-portfolios of schoolmates to get some ideas:

 Online Platforms 

You are suggested but not restricted to create your own e-portfolio through one of the following popular online platforms:

★ Blogger Link Tutorial
★ Weebly Link Tutorial
★ Wix.com Link Tutorial
★ WordPress Link Tutorial
★ Prezi Link Tutorial
★ Wikispaces Link Tutorial
★ HKBU Blackboard Link Tutorial
 Important Notes 
  • Copyright
    The content of your e-portfolio must be original. Sources of text, images or any other content should be properly cited and acknowledged.
  • Privacy
    Selected e-portfolios may be used for academic promotion. You are advised not to disclose any confidential personal information (such as home address and phone number) on the e-portfolio. You should make sure that the link of your e-portfolio is valid for the next 2 years.
  • After creating your own e-portfolio, you may consider to apply for GE Outstanding Students Award as preference will be given to applicants who submit e-portfolios. For details, please refer to: http://ge.hkbu.edu.hk/students/award/
  • GE Office reserves the ultimate right to make changes to the guidelines. In case of any dispute, the decision of GE Office shall be final and conclusive.
查詢 Enquiries︰ge@hkbu.edu.hk / 3411 2864 (Shirley)