CityU students taking GE courses offered by HKBU


Courses offered by HKBU in Semester 1, 2018/19*

To view the course syllabi, please click here: Course Syllabus for CityU students

Course Code Course Title Section No. Date & Time
Corresponding to Area 1 at CityU
GCHC1057 Chinese Pupolar Music: Its Cultural and Musical Meanings 00001 Wed 14:30-17:20
GDAR1005 Chinese Knight-errant Heroism and the Modern World Required Lecture
00001 Wed 13:30-15:20
00002 Tue  14:30-16:20
Required Tutorial  
10101 Fri 15:30-16:20
10102 Fri 09:30-10:20
10103 Fri 10:30-11:20
10201 Wed 17:30-18:20
10202 Wed 16:30-17:20
10203 Wed 12:30-13:20
GDAR1947   IGEHuman Nature Through Poets’ Eyes Required Lecture
00001 Thu 13:30-15:20
Required Tutorial  
10001 Wed 15:30-16:20
GDAR1955  IGERejected “Knowledge”: Learning about Things Most People Have Stopped Caring about Required Lecture  
00001 Tue 11:30-13:20
Required Tutorial
10001 Thu 14:30-15:20
GDCV1006 Film and Controversy 00001 Wed 09:30-12:20 
GDCV1046 Aesthetics of the Young 00001 Fri 14:30-17:20
GDCV1056 Art Appreciation 00001 Fri 14:30-17:20
GDCV1085 Exploring Drawing^ 00001 Fri 08:30-11:20
GDCV1086 From Kitchen to Table: Ceramics and Food Culture 00001 Mon 13:30-15:20
GDCV1096 Seeing Through Glass: How It Creates Our World 00001 Tue 15:30-18:20
00002 Fri  12:30-15:20
GDCV1106 Product Design Basics 00001 Wed 09:30-12:20
GDCV1115 Understanding Photography 00001 Tue 09:30-12:20
00002 Tue 13:30-16:20
GDCV1116 Wear Me 00001 Wed 09:30-12:20
Course Code Course Title Section No. Date & Time
Corresponding to Area 2 at CityU
GDBU/SS1867 IGE Children as consumers: Marketing to the Youth 00001 Thu 08:30-11:20
GDAR1887 IGE Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services 00001 Wed 14:30-18:20
GDSS1947    IGE Human Nature Through Poets’ Eyes    Required Lecture 
00001 Thu 13:30-15:20
Required Tutorial 
10001 Wed 15:30-16:20
GDSS1955 IGE Rejected “Knowledge”: Learning about Things Most People Have Stopped Caring about Required Lecture
00001 Tue 11:30-13:20
Required Tutorial 
10001 Thu 14:30-15:20
Course Code Course Title Section No. Date & Time
Corresponding to Area 3 at CityU
GDSC1887 IGEPaths to Service Leadership in Health Services 00001 Wed 14:30-18:20

* Application for courses outside of the above list will NOT be accepted for processing. Availability of courses are subject to change without prior notice. # The quota reserved for CityU students in the scheme will be reallocated to HKBU students if any quota remain. ^ CityU students who successfully enrolled in these courses are required to pay the material fees (GDCV1085/1086: $100). IGE Interdisciplinary courses will be listed for two areas of learning. Students can decide which area they would like the course to fulfill by choosing the corresponding course code. The quota for the course will be shared by both course codes.

Application Procedures & Details

1 Aug – 10 Aug 2018
  • Fill in the application form and approval form;
  • Submit the 2 forms to the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE) of CityU for approval and processing.
Download the updated Application Form (Application Closed)
Download the Approval Form
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Mid Aug 2018
  • Release of result – Students will be informed by HKBU through email. Students are required to acknowledge the acceptance of the offer by email.
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17 Sep 2018
  • Semester starts.
  • Requests for dropping a course should be submitted to HKBU on or before 17 Sep 2018 in written format. Late applications will not be entertained.
Download Course Drop Form

Important Information to Note

Study at HKBUGrade ResultTransfer of UnitsUseful Links
  1. Students admitted to a course will be officially registered as a visiting/special student in a specific programme of study at HKBU. Student ID card will be issued for purposes including identification, access to the library, as well as access to the Learning Commons, a well-equipped study area. Their study at HKBU will not lead to a degree or other awards.
  2. Students are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examinations, if applicable.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, waiver of fees will be granted to students. Students are not entitled to any financial awards or assistance offered by HKBU.
  4. During the study at HKBU, students should observe both the rules and regulations prescribed by HKBU and CityU.
  1. Upon completion of a course, students will be able to check their course grade on the internal cyber port system of HKBU (BUniPort).
  2. A transcript will be issued to students free of charge and send to EDGE first. ARRO will record the grade result obtained in the student record and will forward the original transcript to the students in due course.
  1. All the credits gained can be counted as fulfilling the University’s requirements for undergraduate degree studies unless otherwise specified by the department.
  2. The decision as to how the grades should be used and whether credit transfer will be granted is the sole discretion of CityU.
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