What is an e-portfolio?

E-portfolio is an organized collection of electronic evidence, usually used to showcase the achievements, reflections and ideas of a person or an organization. Compared to traditional paper portfolio, with the use of hyperlinks and multimedia such as pictures, photos and videos, e-portfolio allows a more comprehensive and interactive method to introduce one’s identity. It can be easily updated and shared to target readers around the world.

Students are strongly encouraged to create an e-portfolio for your academic and non-academic experiences in GE.


Here are some exemplars of e-portfolios, collected through the “GE Share” Award Scheme:

 Online Platforms 

You are suggested but not restricted to create your own e-portfolio through one of the following popular online platforms:

★ Weebly Link Tutorial
★ Wix.com Link Tutorial
★ WordPress Link Tutorial
★ Prezi Link Tutorial
★ Wikispaces Link Tutorial
★ HKBU Blackboard Link Tutorial

Important Notes

  • Copyright
    The content of your e-portfolio must be original. Sources of text, images or any other content should be properly cited and acknowledged.
  • Privacy
    Selected e-portfolios may be used for academic promotion. You are advised not to disclose any confidential personal information (such as home address and phone number) on the e-portfolio. You should make sure that the link of your e-portfolio is valid for the next 2 years.