GE Outstanding Students Award


Sponsored by HKBU Century Club, the “General Education (GE) Outstanding Students Award Scheme” is designed to award the students who have excellent academic results in GE courses, active participation in GE activities and enthusiastic community services.

 A maximum of 5 students will be awarded in AY2017/18. Each of them will be granted a scholarship of a fixed amount of HK$5,000 with a certificate. 


Applicants must:

  • be Year 2 or 3 full-time undergraduate students of any UGC-funded programme;
  • have completed at least six GE courses with good academic performance;
  • demonstrate how they have benefitted from taking GE courses and participating in GE activities, as well as how they have applied the knowledge or skills learnt from GE courses to enrich their university life and serve the community;
  • be able to provide creative ideas on how to promote the value and importance of GE to their schoolmates at HKBU.

Award Criteria

Applicants must have outstanding academic records in GE courses as well as active participation in GE activities and community services. They should be able to show their potential and qualities to serve as role models to other youths.

Preference will be given to applicants who:

  • have actively participated in the activities organized by the GE Office;
  • have track records in community services;
  • have attended Service Leadership Education courses under the GE Programme;
  • submit e-portfolios.
  • submit letters of recommendation.

Scholarship and Recognition

  • A maximum of 5 students will be awarded every academic year.
  • Each award recipient will be presented a scholarship of HK$5,000 with a certificate.
  • The awarded recipients have the obligation to serve as the ambassadors of GE until Sep 2018.
  • The awarded recipients are required to be committed to sharing their learning experience in GE with other students and faculty members in sharing sessions, serving as the GE Ambassadors to promote the new structure of the GE Programme, leading a group of student helpers in the process of organizing GE activities.

Application Procedures

Applicants are required to submit:

  1. An application form with a personal statement;
  2. Copies of academic transcripts from HKBU showing at least the six GE courses taken; and
  3. Other relevant information which supports their personal statement (if applicable).

Preference will be given to applicants who submit: (optional)

Applications must be submitted in person to GE Office (AAB805) or emailed to on or before October 9, 2017 (Monday). Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

After the screening process, eligible candidates will be invited to a selection interview. Original documentation proof of activities/experiences/awards MUST be provided for verification in the selection interview.

Timeframe for AY2017/18

Time Procedures
From now until 9 Oct 2017 (Mon) Application submission
Oct 2017 Selection interviews
Oct / Nov 2017 Announcement of results
Nov 2017 – Sep 2018 Award ceremony; Award recipients to serve as the ambassadors of GE


  • GE Office reserves the final right for any amendments. The decision of GE Office shall be final and conclusive.
  • You are welcome to contact us for advice in advance.
    Tel: 3411 2864 (Shirley Chu)

Awardees of Previous Years

Awardees of AY2017/18
Cheung Kam SarCheung Kam Sar
Public Relations and Advertising, Year 3
Li Hiu TungLi Hiu Tung
Geography, Year 2
Man Hin Ki EmilyMan Hin Ki Emily
Analytical and Testing Sciences, Year 3
Wu Cho WingWu Cho Wing
Sociology, Year 3
Wu Ming LinWu Ming Lin
Translation, Year 3
Highlights of the Award Ceremony
Awardees of AY2016/17
DaisyChan Hoi Man
Chemistry(Environmental Concentration), Year 4
RicoMan Chi Hang
Chemistry, Year 4
WingTse Wing Lam
Translation, Year 5
MeilingWong Mei Ling
Geography, Year 4
JackYip Wing Hang
English Language and Literature & English Language Teaching, Year 4
Highlights of the Award Ceremony
Awardees of AY2015/16
Ceremony_007Hung Chi Wai
Humanities, Year 4
Ceremony_008Kao Shan Shan
International Journalism, Year 4
Ceremony_009Lam Yuen Ting
Social Work, Year 3
Ceremony_010Wong Chi Ming
Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 3
Ceremony_011Wong Ka Wang
Chemistry, Year 4
Highlights of the Award Ceremony
Awardees of AY2014/15
Fung Ting KwanFung Ting Kwan
Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching, Year 3
Lam Pui TanLam Pui Tan
Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching, Year 3
Woo Wing Chin, JolieWoo Wing Chin, Jolie
Accounting, Year 3
Yeung Tsz KiuYeung Tsz Kiu
Human Resources Management, Year 3
Yeung Yip Hung
Applied Biology, Year 3
Highlights of the Award Ceremony


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