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On 9 March 2017, the “GE Outstanding Students Award Ceremony” was successfully held by the GE Office, to recognize students’ excellent performance in GE courses, GE activities and community services. At the award presentation ceremony, the five awardees received the awards from Mr. Kent Tsui, President of HKBU Century Club, Prof. Roland Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU and Prof. Reza Hoshmand, Director of GE.

The five award recipients then shared their GE experiences and how they achieved personal growth and whole person development at the university with the guests, colleagues and fellow schoolmates. Studying at HKBU, they grasped every opportunity to explore more out of their major studies and actively participated in various events, including attending a wide range of GE courses, spending an extra year for local internship, being exchange students in different countries, joining volunteer programmes, and organizing activities on social and environmental issues at HKBU. They highly encouraged their fellow schoolmates to try different things outside the classroom and gained more precious experiences during university time.

Mr Yeung

The award ceremony was followed by a sharing from Mr. Alvin Yeung Ngok Kiu, Party Leader of Civic Party and Legislative Council member and an open dialogue facilitated by Dr. Kwok Wai Luen, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy. Mr. Yeung shared on how he equipped himself with the attributes acquired in his university life and early career stage to achieve his personal goals and bring positive impact to the society. He encouraged the students to be open-minded to everything, read more books and take opportunities to explore new things beyond their own comfort zone. He believed that the students could then become more creative and develop empathy towards different communities.

Please read the sharing by the award recipients, the reporting on the BUddy Post and view the photos of the event here.

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Awardees of GE Outstanding Students Award (AY2016-17)

DaisyChan Hoi Man
Chemistry(Environmental Concentration), Year 4
Man Chi Hang
Chemistry, Year 4
WingTse Wing Lam
Translation, Year 5
MeilingWong Mei Ling
Geography, Year 4
JackYip Wing Hang
English Language and Literature & English Language Teaching, Year 4
Details of the GE Outstanding Students Award
(sponsored by HKBU Century Club)