GE Off Campus activities organized by external organizations (AY2016/17)



HK$100 or 100% activity fees (whichever is the less) for each student for each event

How to get the sponsorship?

  1. Buy tickets/pay the activity fee by yourself and attend the event.
  2. Submit “Reflective Journal” within 10 days after attending the event.
  3. After receiving the confirmation email, bring your student ID card and the ticket stub/proof (which shows the event name, date, and the fee paid), and collect the sponsorship in person at the GE Office (AAB805).

Reflective Journal

Content of Reflective Journal
Students can write the Reflective Journal in English or Chinese.

Suggested content:

Q1. Describe and explain the section(s)/element(s) that you find the most memorable. (Writing in English: at least 100 words)
Q2. After attending the event, what impressions/reflections/thoughts do you have? (Writing in English: at least 200 words)

Sponsored Activities

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每位學生在每個活動中可得的資助金額為 港幣$100 或 100%活動金額(以較低者為準)


  1. 學生自行購票/支付活動費用,及出席活動;
  2. 在參加活動後10日內填寫網上「個人感想」;
  3. 收到確認電郵後,帶同活動票尾/證明(須顯示活動名稱、日期及已付金額)親身前往通識教育處 (AAB805室) 領取活動資助。




1. 描述你最印象深刻的表演部分/元素。(以中文撰寫︰不少於200字)
2. 活動後,你有什麼體會/得著/感想?(以中文撰寫︰不少於300字)


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