GDBU1075 Marketing Yourself

It is the most useful course I have ever taken! Although I am not a business student, we ought to promote ourselves in order to enter the workplaces. Learning the concepts of marketing, I can apply to any context where competition exists. Competing with each other as a first step we need to encounter while seeking career advancement. Therefore, I treasured the lessons about learning knowledge and skills for how to market myself effectively.

I like one of the assessment methods which is the conduction of “personal marketing plan”. It is a freestyle assignment for students to explore and promote themselves. I appreciated that because students could smoothly include anything about themselves without any straightforward rules. I believed it is the beneficial way for students to prepare for their direction in this course. Therefore, I think it is such an encouraging course for students to find their goals as early as possible before entering to the working stages.

Recommended by:
Year 2 student from Social Science