GDAR1026 Food and Humanities

譚迪詩博士安排的其中一項習作頗有新意,是一種稱為Pecha Kucha的presentation方式。整份presentation只以20張圖片製成20張slides,每張slide只有20秒時間表達內容,這考驗我們如何挑選資料並簡單扼要地進行匯報。短時間的口頭報告及減少使用文字,能令台下同學更專注於匯報,並且增加互動性。

(Translation) One of the assignment Dr. Daisy Tam gave us is quite innovative, which is a presentation method called Pecha Kucha. The whole presentation can only consist of 20 pictures in 20 slides, with 20 seconds each for us to present the content. This tested us how to choose the presentation content and do the presentation precisely. Having short oral reports and reducing the use of words, helped the audience be more concentrated in the presentation and help encourage interactions.

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