GCNU1015 Manage Your Money without Formulas

課程內容主要以日常生活會用到的學生借貸、mortgage loan為例子,這科講解如何計算所有還款期、還款金額等。 課程主要教授以Excel進行各種計算,包括Excel 中各種功能及formula。課程十分有趣及實用,我現在的實習工作亦能應用當中的知識,十分好。

(Translation) The course content includes some examples from daily lives such as students’ loan, mortgage, to explain the calculation of the repayment period and amount, etc. The course mainly teaches us to use Excel to do various kinds of calculations, including the different functions and formulas in Excel. This course is very interesting and practical. I can apply the knowledge to the work of my internship. It is very good.

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Year 4 student from BBA