GDCV1067 Chinese Calligraphy as Self-Expression

Final Project要求同學提交一份書法及進行匯報,雖然要花頗長時間完成,但這讓老師和同學更了解我的書法的理念和創意。劉老師帶領我們參觀中大書法展,雖然這活動能增進我們對當代書法的認識,但我比較喜歡留在課室欣賞劉老師的書法示範,因為這更能夠了解技巧的運用。

(Translation) For the final project, we are asked to submit a calligraphy assignment and a presentation. Although it takes quite a lot of time to complete, this allows the lecturer and classmates to understand the idea and creativity in my calligraphy. Dr. Lau brought us to the calligraphy exhibition in CUHK. This activity helps us enhance our understanding to contemporary calligraphy, but I would like to stay in the classroom and watch the Dr. Lau‘s calligraphy demonstration, as this can help me understand more on the use of technique.

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