GDCV1816/GDSC1816 Interactive Computing for Visual Communication

課程十分實用,分為程式編寫和設計理論兩部分,兩者相輔相成。程式編寫可以做到簡單的圖象和動畫,可望應用在主修科(視覺藝術)的課業上。程式指令的原理與數學、邏輯學等契合,相信對不同學系的同學也容易上手。 設計理論亦為往後在設計行業的發展提供穩重的基礎,在靈感較枯竭的時候也可以循著一些理論來變化出不同設計方案。

(Translation) The course was very practical. It’s divided into 2 parts, programming and design theory, which complement each other. Simple images and animation can be made through programming. Those skills can be applied in the schoolwork of my major (Visual Arts). The principles of programming instructions fit in with Mathematics and logic. I believe that’s easy for students from different faculties. Design theory also provides good foundation for my future development in the design industry. When I am running out of inspirations, I can apply the theories and create variations of design proposals.

Recommended by:
Year 4 student from VA