GDAR1026 Food and Humanities

選課的時候,僅僅是因為在GDAR的類別裡面只有這科符合我的timetable並且我也有些興趣。上左幾堂之後,Dr. Daisy Tam的啟發式教學讓我有一種很強的參與感,不同於我上過的很多GE courses,這一科不會非常無聊,Professor更多的是讓學生參與思考,而非傳統的照本宣科。而且去菜園村field trip真正體驗了香港本土農業發展的優勢及瓶頸。在Vertical garden種植通菜的學生們的參與度不是很持續。
(Translation) During the course selection period, I chose this course purely because that was the only GDAR course that fits my timetable. I felt little interest on it. After a few lessons, I have strong sense of participation because Dr. Tam’s teaching was so inspiring. Unlike other GE courses I’ve attended before, this course is not meaningless and boring at all. She encourages us to think actively instead of rote learning. I’ve learned the advantages and bottlenecks of the development of local agriculture through a field trip to Choi Yuen Tsuen. Participation of the students who grew water spinach in vertical garden was not persistent.

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