GCPE1015 Dance Sport-Latin Dance

實踐和理論都教得很有趣!互動、雙向的教育方式! 每次上課前都會拉筋,很重要! 舞蹈難易度平均! 建議可加長課堂時間。
2次評核都學習很多,因為都將Judy Ip老師的技巧再一次運用,加深印象,考試時便更易掌握。
(Translation) The practical application and the theory part is taught in an interactive, two-way teaching. So much fun! We do stretching before every class. It is so important! The degree of difficulty is acceptable. I suggest that the lecture time of the course can be extended.
I have learnt a lot from the 2 assessments, since I could apply the skills that the teacher, Judy Ip, taught. This leaves me a deeper impression and thus the exam is handled easily.
The most important thing I learnt from the course is that I know we will succeed when we try. You will learn a lot when you put effort in class. The lesson is very good and everyone was so concentrated and working hard in class.
This class makes me want to take more PE courses! I am falling in love with Physical Education!

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Year 1 student from SOSC