GCNU1026 Smart Decisions

覺得這個科目整體而言對比其他NU courses是比較簡單的。但是實際上在生活上能夠應用到的地方的確是不多的。總體而言就是一直在找path和tour,然而在實際生活中的確是沒有用的……可是這個課程相對來說是比較有趣和funny的,不像其他的科目沉悶以至很多同學都不想去上課。謝謝。

(Translation) I think this course overall is simpler than other GCNU courses, but it is rather not applicable in daily life. In general, this course is about finding paths and tours, which are not useful in real life. This course is comparatively interesting and fun, unlike other boring courses that make students don’t want to come to class. Thank you.

Recommended by:
Year 4 student from COMM