GCNU1026 Smart Decisions

我覺得Smart Decisions中教的內容挺有趣,還很實用,例如當我們想去一個Shopping Mall,利用Smart decisions學過的方法便可以找到如何去遍每一個商店而又不用浪費時間。內容難度方面適中,不是太難掌握。現在挺好,內容也不太多,不用再增加了。

(Translation) I think the content of Smart Decisions is quite interesting and very practical. For example, when we go to a shopping mall, we can use the method that I learnt in Smart Decisions to go to every shop without wasting time. The content is not difficult to handle. The current content is quite good and not too much. No need to add more.

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Year 3 student from CMED