GCNU1025 Numbers Save the Day

Dr. Simon To是很好的老師,同學有什麼不明白他都願意立刻回答,又很關心我們能夠掌握課題。每次教新課題前,都會確保我們已明白現有內容。考試前,他還特意安排了一間班房給我們問問題。這麼有心的老師,真的第一次見!

(Translation) Dr. Simon To is a very good teacher. He promptly answers our questions. He cares so much whether we understand the content. He makes sure that we understand all old content before introducing new topics. Before the exam, he even reserved a room for us to ask him questions. That’s my first time I see such a devoted teacher!

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Year 1 student from BBA