GCNU1025 Numbers Save the Day

總共4份的in-class assignments,可以參照著notes做,又可以和同學討論。在討論期間我可以學習其他同學的想法,同學之間互相幫助,建立到好好的關係。總共20多份的classwork,每學習完一樣新題目便立刻在堂上一起完成數題。同學如不明白可以立即發問。

(Translation) There are 4 in-class assignments in total. We are allowed to refer to notes and discuss with classmates. During discussions, I have learned from others’ ideas and have built good relationship with classmates. There are about 20 classwork. Once we learned a new thing, we did some related questions during class. If we didn’t understand, we can ask questions immediately.

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