GCIT1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work

Lecture方面,雖然所教授的課題偏多,甚至很多都還未接觸過,但是內容都是很有趣,加上考試只是以multiple choice的方法考核,所以問題其實不太大。但如果可以刪減少許艱深或複雜內容的話,也是有助同學們掌握內容要點。
(Translation) For computer laboratory sessions, I think that the content about basic operation of Excel, Word and Photoshop is very practical since these software are more frequently used. However, I think that some software which are not frequently used or are more complicated, such as Dreamweaver, can be omitted, because it’s difficult to learn the skills of these software in only a few lessons. I suggest that the instructor can spend more time on in-depth introduction of the common software that we use more frequently instead.
For the lectures, although plenty of topics are covered in the course content, and there are many topics that were never taught, still the topics are interesting. There are only multiple choice questions in the exam, so I think that is not a problem. If some of the difficult or complicated part can be omitted, this will help the students handle the key content of the course.

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