GDCV1007 Hong Kong Cinema and Hong Kong Culture

The course content is fun and I feel relaxed during the 3-hour lecture. Hong Kong movies were watched and analysis and reflection were discussed in details afterwards. For instance, I have watched around 10 Hong Kong movies from various themes and genres such as “Her Fatal Ways (表姐,妳好嘢!)”, “My Life as McDull (麥兜故事)” and “Made in Hong Kong (香港製造)”. Through watching and analyzing these movies, I learnt to appreciate the unique culture of Hong Kong presented in the movies, to know the hidden message that the director would like to present, and get to know some of the filming skills like how to use color to reflect one’s characteristics. It is useful in my daily life as I do not only treat movies as a kind of entertainment but also appreciate the acting, editing, filming skills and messages in the films.

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Year 4 student from Arts