GDAR1056 Music of Our Lives: Understanding and Enjoying the Musical Arts

(Translation) The 3-hour course covers substantial amount of themes such as classical, religion, jazz and sense of identity. I have learnt a lot of new knowledge about music even I have studied in Music in high school. However, the content of some themes are too much and wide that the instructor can hardly finish in one lesson. During the lesson, most of the music can only be played for one bar which students can hardly appreciate the music and grasp the related musical concepts. As a Music course, listening to music and elaboration of the related concepts are crucial. Thus, the content of some themes should be adjusted or trimmed down. Besides, I know the instructor has written a book related to Chinese music. Thus, I suggest one third of course time can be used for teaching Chinese music and the mutual influence of Chinese and Western music. Then the course will be more comprehensive.

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Year 4 student from BBA