GDAR1056 Music of Our Lives: Understanding and Enjoying the Musical Arts

三份功課 – performance review、recording review 加一次堂上匯報,功課量合理。當中performance review較多得著,因一般人出席音樂會等藝術活動,通常聽完便離開,但若然要寫評論,便需要更多精力去留意演出和事後反思,事實上我也是這樣,發現了一些我平時或者不會從音樂會中聽到的細節,從中學到不少。
(Translation) The workload of this course is fine. The assignments include a performance review, a recording review and a presentation. I’ve learnt a lot from the performance review. Most people will just leave the venue once a concert or any other art activity ended. I was no different. However, when I knew I had to write a review after attending a performance, I paid extra attention to enjoy and reflect on the performance. I learnt a lot from the details that I may not have noticed before.

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