GCVM1006 Dao, Ch’an and Personal Freedom

(Translation) This course introduces the philosophical thoughts and parties from China and the west, such as the well-known Liberalism, Utilitarianism, the scholars’ thoughts during the pre-Qin Dynasty, etc. The course content is easy to understand with examples of the famous scholars. This allowed me to have in-depth understanding with the course content.
My favourites are Utilitarianism and Buddhism. As an universal value in the modern society, Utilitarianism has an extent of validity in its beliefs. Utilitarianism suggests efficiency as the rules of human behavior, which goes along with the thoughts and perspectives of people nowadays. Buddhism suggests nurturing the heart of oneself and releasing the thoughts of oneself, which leads introspection for people in the busy modern world.
I suggest that the content of Chinese philosophy can be extended to include Mohism. There are lots of interesting topics regarding Mohism, which can be added into the course content.

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Year 1 student from Arts