GCVM1006 Dao, Ch’an and Personal Freedom

活動方面,討論環節令我大開眼界,譚翼輝博士放任我們自由討論,時間一到再作出小組的總結,而每一組的總結都有各自的見解,有意想不到的,也有意見相似之處,不僅能啟發我們思考,亦能知道其他人的想法,實在一舉兩得。 教授於課堂中會分享生活經驗,用此形式來教授知識,使內容更容易理解,貼近生活。

(Translation) Regarding class activities, the class discussion has widened my horizons. The professor, Dr. Tam Yik Fai, allows us to have free discussion, and deliver a group conclusion when the time is up. Every group has their own opinions and ideas in their conclusion. Some ideas are surprising while some are similar that we shared. This session not only can induce our thinking, but also let us know more about others’ thoughts. The lecturer shares his own daily life experiences in class, which makes the course content is easier to understand and applicable to our daily lives.

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