GCVM1006 Dao, Ch’an and Personal Freedom

(Translation) This course does not include any “assignments”. There are only guiding questions that are given by the professor, and a research report. Before every class, the professor will upload some questions to Blackboard for class discussions. These questions are not easy that you can answer them in 10 minutes. They are very thought-provoking, which make me learnt a lot.
The research report also enables students to learn a lot, since the research topic can be any topic we want, as long as it is related to the course content. By completing the research report, I can research on the philosophy questions in depth in which I am interested. The research content exceeds what is included in the course.
I think that the workload is fair enough. Thinking over the philosophy in life cannot be done in a day. It requires a lot of thinking and experience. The assessments lead us to think, and encourage us to have in-depth thinking and study about different ideas.

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Year 1 student from Arts