GDAR1877/GDSS1877 Dream Interpretation For Personal Growth

  1. 這一科目非常創新及有趣。試問坊間怎會有解夢的課程?而且,人們常常對夢境有疑惑。其實,夢境往往訴說着許多許多,而透過詮釋夢境的人、物、事件及他們之間的關係,我們會發現夢境往往能啟發人生。若你不喜歡背誦,喜愛互動學習及聆聽,這一科不容錯過!
  2. 評核簡單及輕鬆。有 25% 是只需每星期進行課堂討論及即時提交小組即時報告,及進行 2 次的正式小組夢境分享及評論;而其餘 50% 是寫一本「Dream Diary」,但需於每次發夢後立即記下。每位同學均需記下自己所發的夢的始末及分享夢境。
  3. 課堂不會沉悶,因為講師及助教均是外國人,講師及助教樂於分享自己的夢境、邀請同學分享夢境。


  1. This course is very innovative and interesting. Any courses about dream interpretation in other universities? People often have doubts about dreams. In fact, dreams often tell a lot. Through the interpretation of people, objects, events, and their relationship in dreams, we would find that dreams can often inspire our lives. If you like interactive learning and listening instead of reciting, you should not miss this course!
  2. The assessment is simple, with classroom discussion every week and submit group report immediately (25%) and 2 group sharing on dreams (25%). The remaining 50% is to write a “Dream Diary”. Each student is required to write down the whole story right after each dream for sharing.
  3. The classroom is not boring because the lecturers and teaching assistants are foreigners. They were willing to share their dreams and invite students to share them.

Recommended by:
H. T. Chan

Dec 2014