GCNU1006 Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical Software

這是一個實用的課程。透過 SPSS (統計學用的軟件)去分析一些收集到的數據,例如兩組變項之間的聯繫、它們的標準差等等,對同學做畢業論文、甚至工作都非常有用。同學不用擔心計數的問題,只要知道如何用 SPSS 找所需要的資料和分析得到的資料就可以。如果同學在堂上對課題或SPSS 有任何不明白,同學可以在課堂或課後提出,老師都會很樂意提供協助。
(Translation) This is a practical course. We learned SPSS (statistical software) to analyse the collected data, such as links between two sets of variables, their standard deviations, etc. It’s very useful for doing theses and even for future jobs. You don’t have to worry about math calculation. You just need to know how to use SPSS to find the information and how to analyse the information. If you have any questions about SPSS or course topics, you may ask the teacher during or after lessons. The teacher would be happy to help.

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