GDAR1026 Food and Humanities

Dr. Daisy是個很好的老師,她不僅在課堂上給我们播放視頻、邀请樂餉社的主席來給我們演講,更在課堂外帶領我們到去菜園村實地考察,進行志願活動。她在學期開始時給我們種子,在學校建造綠色空中花園。作為一個理科的交流生,這一門人類學課真的讓我收獲很多!
(Translation) By talking about the most interested and related thing in our daily life ― food, this course introduces humanity which is closely related to our daily lives. Food reflects societal development, personaility and gender, and race and class, etc. Topics like economy, races and social identity, are all related to food closely and importantly.
Dr. Daisy is a nice teacher. She has played video clips in lectures and invited the President of Feeding Hong Kong to share with us. She also led us to Choi Yuen Village after class, to do volunteer service and field trip. At the beginning of the semester, we were given seeds to build a green wall garden at school. As a Science exchange student, I have learnt a lot in this humanity course.
Dec 2013

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X. Y. Li