GDAR1025 Love Stories and Romance Movies

再者,愛情這方面是大部份學生在大學時期會經歷的事情,而GDAR1025 這一科也有分析特定人在愛情上的某些行為。舉例說”Manic lover”遇到喜歡的人的行為轉變︰因為憂慮而要求頻密的聯繫,如一天要有7次通話,或3小時通電等。而且這一類人在分手後會作不同的報復行為,例如跟蹤對方、寫恐嚇信、傳播對方患有某疾病或殺人等行為。這些與我們每天看到的新聞相關,增加我們對這些行為的認識,也可以幫助學生分析情人或朋友的情人的行為,避免遇上這一類人,因此GDAR1025這一科是必讀的科目。
(Translation) This course mainly examines love movies of different countries and a variety of love discourses, such as analyzing love relationship from the perspectives of psychology, economy and behaviour. Every lesson will start by playing a love movie, then students will discuss and analyze the movie with what they’ve learnt. Students would not get bored especially those who are interested in this topic.
Moreover, most of the students would experience love during university life. This course also analyzes people’s specific behaviour in love relationships. For example, manic lovers would request frequent contact like 7 phone calls a day or 3-hour long calls due to anxiety. This kind of lovers would have revengeful actions after breaking up, such as stalking, writing threatening letters, spreading rumors, or murder. These are often seen in news. Therefore, this course enhances our knowledge towards these behaviours and helps us analyze the behaviours of our lovers and avoid manic lovers. GDAR1025 is highly recommended.

Recommended by:
Tiffany Teng