GCVM1055 Real Sex, Naked Truth: Christian Values in Changing Chinese Societies

(Translation) Though the modern society is considered as more open, lots of people still consider “sex” as a taboo. In fact, many issues are related to sex in our society, such as pornography, multicultural family and marriage, and sexual orientation. The moral values related to sex is not as simple as “Christian disagree with pre-marital sex” nor “Chinese are more conservative in sex”.
Many people are curious about sex. Through this GE course, not only we can openly learn various views and moral values about sex issues, we can also get to know different classmates’ views on sex and train critical thinking skills through debates in class. It’s not just about knowledge of safe sex like what secondary school has taught us. Hence, among many GE courses, this is a very interesting and attractive one.

Dec 2013

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H. T. Chan