GCPE1067 Tennis

難得可以踏入大學生活,選擇的體育運動也應該有新的體驗。同學可以藉着體育的必修科去增加自己對不同運動的基本認識,而不應該為了建立一個理想的GPA 而放棄接觸新事物。而且網球的比賽規則和計分方法與其他運動有分別,相信選修GCPE1067會給大家一個新的體驗和增加學生對運動的興趣。
(Translation) Although PE is a compulsory subject in secondary schools, the choices of sports offered by the secondary school were limited; Not all students have ever played tennis. Now we can start our university life, we should gain new experiences and basic knowledge in different sports through studying compulsory PE courses in university. We should not stop trying new things for the sake of getting high GPA. Besides, the rules and mark calculation of tennis is different from other sports. I believe GCPE1067 can enhance students’ interests towards sports with new experiences.

Dec 2013

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Tiffany Teng