GCNU1016 Mathematics Around Us


  1. 課程內容有用而簡易,考試時又可以帶筆記應考,學期中也有幾個小測讓你加分。只要日常努力就有成績的保障。
  2. 老師教得非常好,他風趣幽默,在他的講解下所有的難題都不再是難題,而且同學有什麼不明白老師都會為你一一解答,這樣想不拿高分也很難。
  3. GCNU1016教的不是一般的數學,它們跟你的生活息息相關,又能帶給你無窮的樂趣,學完以後你會發現原來生活之中有那麼多跟數學有關的小知識,你會真正感受到什麼是”Mathematics Around Us”~~~~~

(Translation) Some students may think the sky is falling apart when they hear the term “Mathematics”. Yet, this course would completely change your previous perception on Mathematics. GCNU1016 is worthwhile for study for 3 reasons:

  1. The course contents are useful and simple. We can bring notes during examination. Extra marks were given in a few mid-term quizzes. The academic result is guaranteed if we work hard in the previous weeks.
  2. The teacher is charming and humorous. He teaches well and answers all questions patiently. With his detailed explanation, all problems are no longer a problem. With his patient guidance, all classmates can perform well.
  3. This course is not just about Mathematics. Its content is related to our daily lives and it brings us enormous enjoyment. After studying this course, you would notice that there are a lot of things related to Mathematics in our lives and you would realize the meaning of “Mathematics Around Us”.

Recommended by:
Cherry Li

Dec 2013