GCIT1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work

此課程內容包括各種日常實用軟件的教學,例如海報設計、影片設計及剪輯、MS PPT、Excel 和Word等。這些無論對完成課業、文書工作都是十分有用的。另外,老師細心個別地指導同學,使跟不上教學進度的同學感到鼓舞,能夠在一個學期內掌握數種實用軟件使用技巧。技巧測試方面,只要同學有練習便不成問題。課業方面,學生需完成每堂的簡單堂課、一個特定主題的小組口頭報告以及提交書面報告。最後考試方面,學生只需完成一份MC答題。簡而言之,GCIT1006課程實用易學,所學近至學習課業,遠至文書工作,一概適用。
(Translation) This course includes the teaching of various practical software like poster design, video editing, MS PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
These software skills are useful for homework and administrative work. Besides, the teacher guided and encouraged students individually. Thus we can follow the teaching pace and master some practical software within a semester. For IT test, there are no problems if students had practices before. For assessment, students have simple tasks in every lesson, a group presentation and a written report with specific topics. Finally, for examination, students have to answer MC questions only. Overall, GCIT1006 is practical and simple for learning. The skills we learnt are useful for doing schoolwork and administraive work.

Recommended by:

Yvonne Wong

Dec 2013