GDSC1007 You and Your Health

  這門課另外一個特點是這科目由多位老師一起教導。他們各有自己的專項,所以當你對某一個範疇的內容有不明白的地方,任教老師都能夠很詳細地向你講解!題外話:去年我修讀這門課時,這門課不用做專題習作,考試全是多項選擇題,所以大家不用害怕要串生字喔!以往因為害怕串字而對生物學避之則吉的同學們,”You and Your Health”絕對是可以讓你重新愛上生物學的一門課!

(Translation) I highly recommend this course to those who are interested in Human Biology. The topics are interesting and daily-life related, e.g. the cause and formation of cancer.
One of the features of this course is, it is co-taught by several lecturers. They are experts in different areas. So, when you have questions about a particular area, the lecturer can give you professional and detailed explanations! BTW, last year when I studied this course, we didn’t have to do projects. Exam was all MCQs, so we don’t have to spell vocabularies. For those who are afraid of biology because of the vocabs, “You and Your Health” will definitely make you fall in love with Biology again.

Recommended by:
Eric Hong