GDCV1016 Advertising and Society

  最喜歡這個課堂的兩次考察。一次是到藝術館欣賞Andy Warhol 的作品,尤以觀看他後期深受廣告影響而創作的作品;另一次則是到政府新聞處參觀,了解政府如何製作公共廣告。兩次考察使我明白到廣告其實不只是一種商業活動,有時候它更可以是一種輿論工具,甚至是一種藝術。
(Translation) As I am a freshman of 4-yr curriculum Communication Programme, there are no compulsory communication major courses in this semester; therefore I would like to have a more clear understanding about advertising before taking major courses in the next academic year. Apart from a lot of expected advertising examples, different types of advertising are introduced specifically such as some famous hot topics like green eco-advertising, Government public advertising, etc. accompanied with a number of theories. It helps me have an in-depth understanding towards advertising and see advertisements critically.
And I like the two field trips the most. We have seen the artwork of Andy Warhol at the Museum of Art, especially his artwork at later stage which is influenced by advertising; while another visit is to explore the production of public advertising at the Government Information Services Department. The two field trips make me understand that advertising is not just a commercial activity, but sometimes a tool for transmitting public opinion, or even an art.
It is recommended for those students who are interested in advertising as you will benefit a lot from the theories and analyses taught in this GE course.

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Jason Cheng