GDBU1035 IT and Society


  • 我們可以怎樣保護網上的私隱?
  • 想知道社交網絡(如Facebook)如何把我們連在一起,以及使用社交網絡的風險?
  • 如何找尋網絡最新的資訊?
  • 怎樣把握網絡的機遇和了解相關的法例?



(Translation) IT is closely related to us. For our studying, working or living, we always use computer and high-tech products. If you want to know how IT changes your life, e.g.:

  • How can we protect our privacy online?
  • How do social networks (like Facebook) link us together? What are the risks?
  • How to search for the most updated info?
  • How to grab the opportunity that IT brings? What are the related laws?

you should enroll in this course. This interactive course introduces students to the changes brought by IT. The course content is highly related to every one of us. And the lecturer taught us step-by-step with theories and case studies together. Also, the discussion topics were up-to-date, we could apply what we’ve learnt right away. Even for schoolmates who were not familiar with network or IT, they can surely understand the course content without problems. This course is worth recommending.

Recommended by:

Ran Wong