GDBU1007 Law for Hong Kong Business

This course gives students a brief introduction to legal systems and relevant laws in HK. The syllabus of the course intends to be an easy and practical one, not for those specialized in laws. The content is so related to our daily life. Every student should be able to handle it if you pay attention in class and have a satisfactory attendance record. However, trust me, you will attend all lectures voluntarily because you will definitely love it!! You will be able to gain related knowledge with different examples and court cases. You are like listening to stories, but actually learning at the same time. To be frank, I haven’t enrolled in such a course, which I stay awake in every lecture. BEING AWAKE throughout the lectures, such a challenging task, isn’t it? So, think about it. Also, the professor is so veteran in the field of law and very responsible that there were make-up lessons (optional) for the sessions he wasn’t able to come, and recordings on Moodle for absentees. Attendance is “flexible” as well. Haha. If you really have to be absent, it won’t be a problem and a reason to affect your grade. Also also also also, each session is so unique with different topics that you will never get bored. Although the course does not cover a lot of topics, you will gain a general understanding of laws in Hong Kong after taking this course for sure! (Your English will also be enhanced!) Such an extraordinary course that you can never miss! There are not many similar courses in HKBU. Grab the chance! (seriously)

Recommended by:

Melissa Tsui